Entertainment and Events includes the Talebearer, Community Center News, Sights and Sounds, The Far Side of the Bridge, Marsha's Movie Mania and other monthly articles:

The Talebearer is a monthly column celebrating achievements and events in the lives of everyday City Islanders, from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries. Information for the Talebearer must be received in writing no later than the 15th of the month except for July and December. Mail to The Island Current, P.O. Box 6, City Island, NY 10464. Include your name and telephone number.

Community Center News details upcoming events to take place at the Community Center, including Teen Nights, Arts and Crafts Fairs, Girl Scouts, Youth Programs, Adult Programs as well as Family Programs. To plan events with the Community Center, please call 718-885-1145.

Marsha's Movie Mania gives readers in depth reviews of recent and past movies, and draws comparisons to other popular films.

Sights and Sounds is written by John Sheridan and Maria Sutherland about current events around the Island involving the local wildlife and people.

The Far Side of the Bridge is written by Michael Shanley and addresses the fascinatinting histories of other parts of the Bronx.



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