To advertise with The Island Current:

Contact Margaret Lenz, Advertising Manager by
e-mail at or by phone at

DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: $10.00 per column inch, based on the narrowest column size. Minimum 2inches. Billing based on 1/2 inch rates. $5.00 per column inch will be charged for ad make-up for first insertion if camera ready copy is not provided. A minimal charge will be made for minor changes in typesetting following the first insertion. A charge will be computed for photographic developing, half-tones, reverses, photostats, reductions or enlargements of art work.

CONTRACT AND DISCOUNTS: Discounts will be given for contract insertions within a 12 month period. 5% for 5 insertions, discounted on the last bill. 10% for 10 insertions, discounted on the last bill.

CLOSING DATES: All copy, artwork, changes and corrections must be received by the 10th of the month PRIOR to the month of insertion. The Island Current is published 10 times a year monthly, except for January and August. Cancellations are not accepted after the 10th of the month prior to insertion.

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 12 to 20 page tabloid size periodical, printed web offset, black & white, 50lb. soft white offset paper. 85-100 screen for halftones Full type page - 10-1/4" x 15" 4 columns per page 1 column width - 2-5/16" ( 14 picas) 2 column width - 5" (30 picas) 3 column width -7-5/8" (46 picas) 4 column width 10-1/4" ( 62 picas)

CLASSIFIED ADS: All Classified ads must be prepaid. Rates: $6.00 minimum for 20 words or less. Over 20 words - 30 cents per word. Layout and format of classified ads shall be determined by the publisher. Ads must be typed or printed and mailed with check or money order to: The Island Current PO Box 6, City Island, New York 10464. Classified ad deadline is the 20th of each month prior to the month of publication, except December and July.





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